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Cover of Socialist History, No 13

ISBN: 1 85489 106 5 (hb)
ISBN: 1 85489 107 3 (pb)
ISSN: 0969 4331

Issue 13: Contents


Empires and Umpires
Victor Kiernan

Indian Nationalism: Before and After Independence
Ralph Russell

Aliens and Little Britons
Anna Davin

An Illegal Immigrant in South Africa
Bill McCaig

Delegation to Kurdistan
David Morgan


John Callaghan (ed), Great Power Complex British Imperialism, International Crises and National Decline (Kenneth Lunn)

Pamela Nightingale, A Medieval Mercantile Community The Grocers' Company and the Politics and Trade of London 1000-1485 (Heather Swanton)

John Lee Anderson, Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life (Maria Black)

Geoffrey Pridham (ed), Democratisation in Eastern Europe; and R J Crampton Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century (Martin Myant)

Alfred Fleischacker, Das Was Unser Leben: Erinnerungen und Dockumente zur der Freien Deutschen Jugend in Grossbritannien 1936-1946 (Marian Fagan)

Neville Kirk, Labour and Society in Britain and the USA (John Saville)

Clarissa Campbell Orr (ed), Wollstonecraft's Daughters: Womanhood in England and France, 1780-1920 (Christine Collette)

Jim Phillips, The Great Alliance: Economic Recovery and the Problems of Power, 1945-1951 (Nina Fishman)

Kevin Passmore (ed.), Women, Gender and Fascism in Europe 1919-1945 (Roger Griffin)

James Hinton, Shop Floor Citizens: Engineering Democracy in 1940s Britain (Jim Fryth)

David James, Class and Politics in a Northern Industrial Town: Keighley 1880-1914 (Malcolm Starrs)

John Charmley, A History of Conservative Politics 1900-1996; Brendan Evans and Andrew Taylor, From Salisbury to Major: Continuity and Change in Conservative Politics (Andrew Gamble)

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