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Cover of Socialist History, No 14

ISBN: 1 85489 108 1 (hb)
ISBN: 1 85489 109 X (pb)
ISSN: 0969 4331

Issue 14: Contents


History Today: Round-table dialogue
Professor Jim Sharpe, Peter Jones, Mike Savage, Eileen Yeo, Kevin Morgan, Richard Evans

The English Revolution: The decline and fall of revisionism
Brian Manning

Popular Historiography in the Second World War
A critique of J. Baxendale and C. Pawling, Narrating the Thirties
Roger Spalding


Culture and Imperialism
Keith Ansell Pearson, Benita Parry and Judith Squires, Cultural Readings of Imperialism: Edward Said and the Gravity of History (John Strawson)

The Challenges of Postmodernism
John Belchem and Neville Kird (eds), Languages of Labour; Ellen Meiksins Wood and John Bellamy Foster (eds), In Defense of History: Marxism and the postmodern agenda (Mike Waite)

Communist historiography
Richard Pipes (ed), The Unknown Lenin: from the secret archive; Neil Harding, Leninism (Monty Johnstone)

Noreen Branson, History of the Communist Party of Great Britain, 1941-1951 (Steven Fielding)

Margarita Tupitsyn, The Soviet Photograph 1924-1937 (H.C.A. Hughes)

Versailles and Modernity
David Parker, Class and State in Ancien Regime France: The road to modernity (Donald Lowndes Sanderson)

Experiments with Extremes
Momme Brodersen, Walter Benjamin: A biography (Sean Homer)

Gerhard Fischer (ed), With the Sharpened Axe of Reason: Approaches to Walter Benjamin (Rosemary Bechler)

The Contest for Social Science
Eileen Janes Yeo, The Contest for Social Science: Relations and representations of gender and class (Karen Triggs)

The Democracy of the Agents Themselves
Colin Barker and Paul Kennedy (eds), To Make Another World: Studies in protest and collective action (Lawrence Cox)

Peter Gathercole. T. H. Irving and Gregory Melleuish (eds), Childe and Australia: Archeology, politics and ideas (H. G. A. Hughes)

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