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Cover of Socialist History, No 15

ISBN: 1 85489 114 6 (hb)
ISBN: 1 85489 115 4 (pb)
ISSN: 0969 4331

Issue 15: Contents

The insignificance of the millennium

David Purdy

'Utopia' in British Political Culture
The desire that dare not speak its name
Philip Coupland

The Way the Future Was
Maureen Speller

Theodore Rostein and the Origins of the British Communist Party
David Burke and Fred Lindop

Socialist History: A personal note
Willie Thompson


Nineteenth-century millennium
Edward Royle, Robert Owen and the Commencement of the Millennium: A Study of the Harmony Community (Gregory Claeys)

Religion, Labour and the New Jerusalem
Robert Pope, Building Jerusalem: Nonconformity, Labour and the Social Question in Wales, 1906-1939 (Andy Croll)

Women's Suffrage
Maroula Joannou and June Purvis (eds), The Women's Suffrage Movement: New Feminist Perspectives (Karen Hunt)

Revolutionary encyclopaedia
Edward Acton, Vladimir lu. Cherniaev and William G. Rosenberg (eds), Critical Companion to the Russian Revolution (Monty Johnstone)

The general staff of the world revolution
Tim Rees and Andrew Thorpe (eds), International Communism and the Communist International 1919-43 (Heather Williams)

Mystery man
R. Darlington, The Political Trajectory of J. T. Murphy; M. Murphy, Molly Murphy: Suffragette and Socialist (John Callaghan)

Culture and the future that never was
Andy Croft (ed), A Weapon in the Struggle: The cultural history of the Communist Party in Britain; David Margolies (ed), Writing the Revolution: Cultural criticism from Left Review; J. Hoberman, The Red Atlantis: Communist culture in the absence of communism (Geoff Andrews)

Books Received

Conference report
Mike Tyldesley and Laurence Cox

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