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Front cover of Socialist History, 18

ISBN: 1 85489 122 7 (hb)
ISBN: 1 85489 123 5 (pb)
ISSN: 0969 4331

Issue 18: Contents


Red London
Radicals and socialists in late-Victorian Clerkenwell
Andrew Whitehead

Socialism and the Republic in France
A long view
Bernard H. Moss

The Artist as Subversive?
The Russian avant-garde and the state, 1905-1924
Judith Harrison and Liam O'Sullivann

For a Proletarian Culture
Communist Party culture in Britain in the Third Period, 1928-1935
Matthew Worley

Changing Minds, Saving Lives
Franz Kafka as a key industrial reformer
Martin Wasserman


Books to be remembered (1)
e.e. cummings, The Enormous Room (John Saville)

Suburban dreams
Rosalyn Baxandall and Elizabeth Ewen, Picture Windows. How the suburbs happened (Alison Ravetz)

Women's suffrage
Cheryl Law, Suffrage and Power: The women's movement 1918-1928 (Christine Jackson)

Imagining otherness
Rana Kabbani, Imperial Fictions: Europe's myths of Orient (Kathy Burton)

Creating history
Jane McDermid and Anna Hillyar, Midwives of Revolution. Female Bolsheviks and women workers in 1917 (Terry Mayer)

Possible futures
L. Pantich and C. Leys (eds), Necessary and Unnecessary Utopias: Socialist Register 2000 (Jason Edwards)

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