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ISBN: 1 85489 140 5 (hb)
ISBN: 1 85489 141 3 (pb)
ISSN: 0969 4331

Issue 21: Contents

Notes on Contributors


A Dutch Mix of Scouts and Pioneers
The Uilenspiegelclub children, 1953-1964
Margreet Schrevel

Oppressed Worker or Communist Hero
Characters in Finnish communist magazines of the 1920s
Tauno Saarela

A Party Blocked
West German communists between Weimar legacy and East German policy, 1945-1956
Till Kossler

Cypriot, Indian and West Indian Branches of the CPGB, 1945-1970
An experiment in self-organisation?
Andrew Flinn

Communists are not Born, they are Made
The political education system of the French Communist Party
Marja Kivisaari

The Mot Dog Association
'Leftist academics preaching radical ideas'
Geir Bentzen


Books to be remembered (4)

Jessica Milford, The Making of a Muckraker (John Saville)

Margarita Tupitsyn (ed), El Lissitzky, Beyond the abstract cabinet. Photography, design, collaboration (H. G. A. Hughes)

Stanley Williamson, Gresford. The anatomy of a disaster (Keith Gildart)

Keith Laybourn and Dylan Murphy, Under the Red Flag. A history of communism in Britain (John McIlroy)

Stephen Woodhams, History in the making, Raymond Williams, Edward Thompson and radical intellectuals, 1936-1956 (Matthew Worley)

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