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Cover of Socialist History, No 26

ISBN: 1 85489 159 6 (pb)
ISSN: 0969 4331

Issue 26: Contents

Notes on Contributors


'Learn by Doing, Teach by Being'
The children of 1968 and the Woodcraft Folk
Rich Palser

'The Hippies Now Wear Black'
Crass and the anarcho-punk movement, 1977-1984
Richard Cross

The Rise and Fall of the Labour League of Youth
Michelle Webb

Memory, Youth, Hope
Features of youth activism in the last years of apartheid
Jonathan Grossman

Noreen Branson (1910-2003)
Ben Pimlott (1945-2004)

In search of Orwell


Lytton Strachey, Eminent Victorians (John Saville)

Richard Steigmann-Gall, The Holy Reich. Nazi Conceptions of Christianity, 1919-1945 (Martin Durham)

Ruan O'Donnell, Robert Emmet and the Rebellion on 1798; Robert Emmett and the Rising of 1803; Marianne Elliot, Robert Emmet. The Making of a Legend (John Newsinger)

John Callaghan, Steven Fielding and Steve Ludlam (eds), Interpreting the Labour Party. Approaches to Labour Politics and History (Mark Phythian)

G. Lukacs, A Defence of 'History and Class Consciousness'. Tailism and the Dialectic, trans E. Leslie (John Callow)

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