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Cover of Socialist History, No 29

ISBN: 185489 162 6
ISSN: 0969 4331

Issue 29: Contents

Notes on Contributors


'Sentries of British Imperialism'?
The question of British-based unions in Ireland
Emmet O Connor

The Politics of Colonialism
Gibraltar, trade unionism and the case of Albert Fava
Jonathan Jeffries

The 1941 Miners' Strike in Northern France
From a dispute over soap to armed resistance
Steve Cushion

Spirit Of '71
The Bangladeshi War of Independence and Tower Hamlets
Sarah Glynn


In Defence of the Alterfactual in Historical Analysis
Ralph Darlington

History as a Commodity: Simon Schama and A History of Britain
Mike Haynes


Allan Nelson, The Nelson Brothers: Finnish-American Radicals from the Mendocino Coast (Tauno Saarela)

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