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Cover of Socialist History, No 31

ISBN: 978 1 85489 164 8
ISSN: 0969 4331

Issue 31: Contents

Notes on Contributors

John Callaghan

Empire at War
Marilyn Young

The World under the Shadow of the Bomb
The British and West German protests against nuclear weapons and anti-colonialism, 1956-64
Holger Nehring

Origins of Neo-Imperial Governance
Vassilis K Fouskas

En Avant de Guingamp
Football, money and socialism, from state school teachers to Didier Drogba, 1912-2004
François Prigent

Books to Remember
Simone de Beauvoir, The Mandarins
Willie Thompson


Andreas Bieler, The Struggle for a Social Europe. Trade unions and EMU in times of global restructuring (Martin Dangerfield)

M Woollacott, After Suez: Adrift in the American Century (John Callaghan)

G Macklin, Very Deeply Dyed in Black. Sir Oswald Mosley and the Resurrection of British Fascism after 1945 (Martin Durham)

Paul Corthorn, In the Shadow of the Dictators: The British left in the 1930s; Michael Bor, The Socialist League in the 1930s, (Gidon Cohen)

John Kirk, Twentieth-century Writing and the British Working Class (Ben Harker)

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