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Cover of Socialist History, No 34

ISBN: 978-1-85489-171-6
ISSN: 0969-4331

Issue 34: Contents

Notes on Contributors

Norman La Porte
Stephen Hopkins

Alexander Lozovsky
Sketch of a Bolshevik Career
Reiner Tosstorff

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Bazarov (1874-1939)
One of the First Dissident Communists
Francis King

Identity and Self-Representation in Irish Communism
The Connolly Column and the Spanish Civil War
Emmet O'Connor

Comparing Revolutionary Narratives
Irish Republican Self-Representation and Considerations for the study of Communist Life Histories
Stephen Hopkins

Berlinguer's 'Democratic Alternative'
Giuseppe Vatalaro

Books to Remember
Ralph Milliband, Parliamentary Socialism


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