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Cover of Socialist History, No 41

ISBN: 978 185489 178 5
ISSN: 0969-4331

Issue 41: Contents

Notes on Contributors

Stephen M Cullen and Matthew Worley

Space Matters
Spatialising British Fascism
Thomas Linehan

'Jewish Communists' or 'Communist Jews'?
The Communist Party of Great Britain and British Jews in the 1930s
Stephen M Cullen

Local and Vocal
Arnold Leese and British Fascism in Small Town Politics
Steven Woodbridge

Crisis, Patriotism and the Growth of Fascism
The British Union of Fascists in the Midlands, 1932-34
Craig Morgan

Review Essay
Investigating the Unexplored Margins of the US Communist Trade-Union Historiography, 1926-59
Victor G Devinatz

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